How Much Square Footage Do I Need?

How much square footage you require will depend on the list of needs and wants in your home. During our first meeting with new clients, we do a “needs assessment” to find out which spaces are occupied the most and how many people will be using that space.

Once your layout is confirmed, you will have a much better idea of how much space will be required. The layout will include all the rooms on your wish list and where they will be located in relation to each other.

Canterbury Homes Inc. builds luxury custom homes in affluent communities in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas. Our bespoke homes are as unique as our clients; however, there are many common elements, such as the type, number, and size of each space.

If you are building a custom luxury home, this will assist you with the layout process.

Plan for Function, Then Size

Function needs to be the first objective, the size will follow the function requirements. If the space needs to be large, then we will accommodate that; however, sometimes it’s a matter of planning for traffic flow, amount of occupants, and furniture layout to find the best use of space.

Typically, the largest rooms will be the areas where you spend the most time. Kitchens, great rooms, and master suites (the principal bedroom). For many of our clients, this also includes the garage.

Divide the Square Footage Between These Rooms

Have you thought about the rooms you need? Does your master plan include storage or special extras?

Since each homeowner is unique, none of Canterbury Homes Inc.’s homes are exactly the same; however, here is a sample breakdown of the rooms that we recommend you plan for.

Principal Master Bedroom – A peaceful, light filled space with direct access to enjoy your first cup of coffee on the deck. A charcoal grey barn door leads you to a spacious walk in closet including a built in custom dresser.

1 Master Suite: Often called the Principal or Primary Bedroom. This will be larger than other bedrooms and include a walk-in closet and ensuite full bath. A quick trick to ensure you have enough closet space is to measure all of your existing clothing, even those stored in other closets. Use that linear footage to create the closet of your dreams. Maybe even a built-in dresser or island to store your non-hanging items.

3-6 Bedrooms: We have never built a home with two or fewer bedrooms, three has been the minimum – you need to consider resale. If you choose to develop the basement, you can increase the bedroom quantity.

2 or more Full Bathrooms: Clients ask us for a minimum of two full bathrooms; although we usually do three or more. The number of bathrooms will depend on the layout, if each bedroom requires its own private bathroom, and whether the basement is developed.

1 Powder Room: Powder rooms are also referred to as “half-baths.” Homeowners usually want at least one, which will service visiting guests.

1 Furnace/Utility Room: Although it is more expensive, we ensure ALL the services are located in one room. The cost increase is due to the expense of running longer service lines the extra distance to locate them in the same room.

We also like to ensure the utility room has plenty of visible storage, with open shelving (for example) to make the space uncluttered and organized.

1 Eating Area or Dining Room: Most people prefer larger eating areas as part of their Great Room, rather than separate formal dining rooms. Although, those clients with family heirlooms and prized possessions enjoy a dining room to display their wares.

dining room square footage

Great Room and Family Room Instead of formal living rooms, our clients’ choose to have a Great Room and perhaps a casual Family Room/Recreation Room in the basement. Great rooms with open floor plans make the space appear larger and allow for ease of movement from one space to another.

1 Office: Whether it is for work, homework, or paying home bills, a home office is almost always on our clients’ lists of needs and wants.

1 Mudroom: The mudroom needs to allow for a lot of traffic and storage. Both the products selected (such as flooring) and the function of the space (a layout that ensures a smooth transition from garage to rear entry and amount of storage) need to be considered.

Laundry Room: Generally, in a two-storey, the laundry room is located upstairs. For a bungalow the laundry room is on the main floor. However, doing laundry has evolved; it is not unusual to have two washer/dryer sets located in two locations.

Many years ago, laundry was always done in the basement. In today’s market, most of our clients prefer to have laundry facilities close to the bedrooms for convenience. Some clients have installed stackable laundry appliances in the master walk-in closet and a second laundry room for the rest of the family members.

Leave Room for Storage

You may have noticed that the above list of rooms did not include storage. This is because storage is often forgotten. There is rarely enough thought given to storage and transition areas (such as mudroom or halls).

Most clients appreciate storage available in or beside most rooms. An example of this is having a linen closet close to the bedrooms and bathrooms. It will serve as convenient storage for linens and bedding.

Showhomes are notorious for leaving very little storage space, the focus is on living space. When planning your layout, think about all your storage requirements. I usually tell clients to add more storage than they need right now, as time goes on we tend to accumulate as our families grow.

Where does one store their Christmas tree, seasonal clothing, sports equipment, etc.? If the layout allows, we encourage winter and summer closets.

Our seasons don’t allow most of us to wear the same clothes all year long. By having two seasonal closets, it allows the homeowner to see just what they need for the upcoming season.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Walls can help separate areas and create clear pathways from room to room. Unfortunately they may take up valuable space. Instead of walls, use the ceiling (the 5th wall) to offer the illusion of space and differentiate one space from another.

Add treatments, such as hardwood, a change in paint colour, wallpaper, moulding, etc., for added visual interest as well.

Take Advantage of your Outdoor Space

After a home is complete, we encourage the homeowner to wait a year before doing landscaping. This allows the ground to “settle” and drop around the perimeter of the foundation wall.

For the outdoors, patios and deck areas are high on our clients’ lists. We have constructed decks made of stamped concrete, Sierra stone, or concrete tile slabs. If possible, we also like to extend the roof to provide a covered deck area that can be screened in. The screens can be stationary or motorized.

Gas fireplaces and outdoor seating areas, like pergolas, are also popular additions. Pergolas are another way to add a focal point and provide a shady lounging area.

How Much Square Footage DO You Need?

Planning for all the different rooms you require will give you a very good idea of how much square footage you need.

The key is to create a layout that flows well, includes all the items on your needs and wants list, and–most importantly–is highly functional and convenient.

How do you get that ideal layout? Start with the layout exercise in “Layout – Custom Home Build: What Do I Need to Know? (Part 3)”.

Country Club Living in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park’s Golf and Country Club Estates are home to some of the most incredible, unique, and luxurious homes in the Edmonton area. Affluent members of the community chose this exclusive area for its privacy, pristine views, and spacious lots to build their custom home on; however, the proximity to amenities (click for nearby amenities) has been a key part of its appeal.

Golf and Country Club Estates are being developed in two phases, where the first phase saw development of the area closest to Range Road 233. The second phase, which involves development of another 43 acres, allows another wave of soon-to-be-homeowners to begin building their homes in this prestigious community.

custom home golf and country club estates

Nature lovers and those with active lifestyles appreciate the parks, trails, and water features. Traffic is minimal, and the developers plan to take advantage of the natural surroundings by adding more trails in the future.
If you are a golfer, then Golf and Country Club Estates is your paradise! The beautiful competition nine-hole golf course, Coyote Crossing is only steps away. Close enough to walk!

Here, you’ll enjoy the country club lifestyle: golfing, brunch, get-togethers, and a community of like-minded neighbours who are building the life they’ve been dreaming about.

Building the Perfect Home for Your Lifestyle

As the homes in Sherwood Golf and Country Club Estates are completed, the neighbourhood will become a showcase of excellence and opulence by homeowners and their builders.

Thoughtful architectural guidelines ensure that each home complements its neighbours; however, homeowners are encouraged to create homes that perfectly suit their style. French, Victorian, Contemporary… Your options are endless. It is your opportunity to have the essentials and extras that you imagine (such as a special closet for your golf clubs).

golf country club estates

Imagine walking only a few minutes to the golf course whenever you want.

As the developer, Landrex, states, “With a strategic blend of guidelines, colour palettes, and quality details on every level, Sherwood Golf and Country Club Estates will offer the highest standard of visual appeal and integration with the natural landscape.”

During the first round of development, Canterbury Homes Inc. had the opportunity to build luxury custom homes in Sherwood Golf and Country Club Estates and we are looking forward to working with clients who choose this special place to call home.

Golf and country club estates

As a client of Canterbury Homes, your ideas, needs, and wants take priority. We will help you design your home with innovation from concept to completion and beyond, ensuring that your home perfectly suits your family.

The country club lifestyle you’ve always wanted is within your reach.

Let’s talk about your dream home today!

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The Grange sherwood park

Build Your Custom Luxury Estate Home in The Grange Country Estates

With smaller urban lot sizes, house hunters are searching Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas in order to build the custom home of their dreams. For many, The Grange Country Estates offers country living, while being close to urban amenities.

The Grange Country Estates is located on a former farm site on Range Road 223, directly south of Wye Road. The land is heavily forested and developers made plans to ensure that a large portion of the land remains unaltered for moose, deer, coyotes, and other wildlife habitat.

the grange country estates

South-facing aerial view of The Grange Country Estates prior to development.

It is just a 5 minute drive into Sherwood Park, offering quick access to services and entertainment options.

Read more about the amenities close to The Grange Country Estates in “The Grange: Sherwood Park’s Estate Community.”

Immerse Yourself in Nature

There are a total of 50 partially and fully treed lots in The Grange subdivision, ranging from half acre to one acre in size. These larger lots sizes will allow ample room for a large luxury home. Each luxury home backs onto forest, which surrounds the community and is home to a wide range of native wildlife. There are plans for walking paths throughout the land; the use of motorized vehicles within its boundaries is not permitted, ensuring that residents enjoy peace and tranquility.

Each home within The Grange Country Estates is unique to its owners. No two are the same. More than half of the lots back onto forest and residents are encouraged to take advantage of their boreal views (including the occasional moose foraging in your backyard) by building walkout bungalow or two-storey homes.

The average lot sells for about $350,000 and all but a handful have been purchased. See lot availability here.

With few lots available, you will have to act quickly to secure your place in The Grange. Building your home as the community nears completion means soon you will enjoy the absence of construction interruptions.

Why Homeowners are Choosing The Grange Country Estates

For many, choosing to build a custom home in Sherwood Park is an easy choice.

It offers

  • Close proximity to a growing and vibrant community
  • Municipal gas, water, and sewer services are available
  • Larger lot size allows for 3+car garage, outbuildings to store your toys
  • Dark skies and unaltered natural surroundings

Are you thinking about building in The Grange Country Estates? Canterbury Homes can bring your custom home to reality. We offer innovative design solutions, professional craftsmanship, and a hassle-free, personalized home building experience.

The dream home in the country you’ve always wanted is within your reach.

Let’s talk about your plans today!

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