custom homes in Sherwood Park AB

When buying a new home, there is much to consider as there are several stages of owning that dream house. Canterbury’s team of home builders in Sherwood Park have compiled a list of things to consider when brainstorming for your fantasy residence.

Decide Where You Wish to Live

The location of your custom home is of vital importance is it handy to schools, amenities, and shops? Are there parks nearby for the kids to play, is it close to your place of work? Chat with potential neighbors; this will give you a feel as to what the neighborhood is like. Lastly, is your potential home near your friends and family?

Type of Home

Custom homes come in different sorts depending on your needs and desires. Are you looking for a bungalow or house? Next, you’ll need to decide on how many bedrooms and bathroom you’ll need, not just now but in the future. Will you require a home office space or need a garage?


A home is a special place, and it isn’t yours until you have customized and made your unique mark on it. A good place for inspiration is those glossy home magazines which will give you a taste for what fixtures and fittings to buy for your new home.

Complete the Purchase

Canterbury home building contract

You have found the site for the home of your dreams and have decided on a budget. Next step is to look for a suitable mortgage. Find a good mortgage specialist who will help find the right mortgage for you. You’ll most likely need a lump sum down payment, depending on the mortgage deal. Once the mortgage has been approved the business of personalizing your home can begin.

Moving In

All the work is now finished, and all the legal paperwork is done and signed off, your custom home is now yours to enjoy. Now you can move in and begin to think about personalizing the interior to reflect your tastes and preferences. Now you can rest in the satisfaction that the home you have created is just right for you and your family for many years to come.


All the hard work is done, you’ve chosen your home finalized a mortgage, everything is signed. Now the building process begins. This starts with a survey of the plot. Then it is staked out, and the foundation walls are prepared. Next, your home begins to take shape as the frame for the walls and roof are erected. After this, the windows are fitted.

Your custom home is taking shape, and the next step is putting in the utilities, gas, water, etc. For this, you’ll need plumbing, heating and electrical work carried out before the drywall insulation begins. While this is going on the exterior of your new home is finished off. After all the insulation is complete, your home will be more energy efficient.